Individual Emotional counselling

Personalized Emotional Support Tailored to Your Needs

As human beings, we are born with both negative and positive emotions. While we would prefer to always experience positive emotions, reality often includes a mix of negative emotions such as fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and guilt. These negative emotions are not always unhealthy; many serve specific purposes and help us survive in a world full of uncertainty and adversity. However, when these emotions become overwhelming or are experienced in unhealthy patterns, it is crucial to regulate them to remain active and functional.

Why Professional Counselling is necessary?

While short-term emotional deviations can often be managed with the support of family and friends, there are times when professional help is necessary. A well-trained counsellor or psychologist can provide the assistance needed when negative emotions become too challenging to handle alone. Counsellors are helping professionals who aim to assist people in solving their emotional problems, whether personal or interpersonal in nature.

Not all emotional problems are “disorders” or “diseases.” We all have the potential to counsel ourselves and manage our emotional upsets effectively. By learning these skills, we can prevent many potential emotional disorders.

At Feeling Minds®, we help individuals develop "Clear Thinking Skills" through:

What are the different emotional counselling we offer?

1. Anger management

2. Stress management

3. Anxiety, Depression

4. Dealing with grief and loss

5. Mindfulness

6. Social and interpersonal skills

7. Parenting and family issues

8. Life transitions

9. Academic and educational difficulties

10. Career and vocational challenges

11. Self-care

12. Stress management

13. Mindfulness

14. Assertiveness skill training

15. Gratitude

16. Happiness and Effectiveness

17. Leadership

18. Team building

19. Identity and sexuality concerns

20. Sexual health and wellness counselling

We utilize various forms of psychotherapy, including CBT, RECBT, ACT, DBT, and EFT, to provide comprehensive emotional support and education. Our Director, Dr.Chinu Agrawal, is a trained and certified practitioner in these psychotherapies from international institutions.

Counselling for Mental Health Disorders:

Our team includes M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology) and RCI Licensed Psychologists who diagnose and treat various clinical disorders such as

1. Depression

2. Anxiety

3. Bipolar disorder

4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

5. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

6. Trauma and substance abuse

7. ADHD,

8. SLD,

9. Autism spectrum disorder

10. Mood disorders

11. Children's gadget addiction

Many psychological problems and the resulting emotional distress can be prevented by learning to discard defeating thinking patterns and adopting more functional ways of thinking.

Clear thinking requires proper training to:

  1. Direct Our Will: Strengthen our resolve and sense of purpose.
  2. Stick with Our Purpose: Maintain focus on our goals.
  3. Discover Connections: Understand our relationships and the duties that arise from them.

At Feeling Minds, we are committed to helping you navigate your emotional landscape, fostering mental wellness, and providing the tools and support needed for a healthier, more balanced life.

Personalized Emotional Support Tailored to Your Needs
Individual Emotional counselling

Individual Emotional counselling

Personalized Emotional Support Tailored to Your Needs

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