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An organization dedicated to provide excellence in psychology based training. The Best Rated Company by an Independent Rating Auditing Agency in America.

Meet Dr. Chinu Agarwal

Dr. Chinu Agarwal is an internationally certified Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist, whose impactful work defies categorization. Fondly known as "Mann Ki Doctor," she has transformed countless lives. As the Founder Director of Feeling Minds®, she strives to make psychology accessible to all. Passionate about Emotional Education, she also serves as Trustee of Hema Foundation, focusing on Value Education. A renowned Relationship Expert and TEDx Speaker, Dr. Agarwal has trained over 2000 professionals. Recently, she was a keynote speaker on school mental health at the University of Cambridge. She also directs Adolescent Mental Health at WHEELS Global Foundation USA, developing emotional wellness programs for schools in the USA and India.

Discover Our Counseling, Training, and Specialized Programs

Dedicated to Providing Superior Psychological Counseling and Training. Independently Rated as the Best Counseling and Training Center in America.
Individual Counselling Service
Get tailored support through our Individual Counseling Services: Career, Emotional, Parent, and Relationship Counseling to enhance your personal growth and well-being.
Certification Courses
Our Certification Programs offer comprehensive training in psychological intervention techniques, equipping you with the skills to apply advanced psychological methods in various professional settings and enhance your expertise.
Programs for organizations
Our programs for organizations include the Experiential Emotional Educational Program (EEE), designed to enhance emotional education and foster a supportive and productive organizational environment.
Philanthropic Programs
Our philanthropic programs focus on charitable giving to support impactful causes on a significant scale, empowering communities and driving positive change.

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