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Grief is a natural response to loss, an emotional suffering felt when something or someone you love is taken away. The pain can be overwhelming, causing emotions such as shock, anger, disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. Grief may stem from death, loss of something precious, insecurities, fear, anxiety, extreme stress, or uncertainty. There's no right or wrong way to grieve, but healthy ways to cope exist. Grieving individuals often experience physical and emotional distress. Despite best intentions, we may inadvertently hurt those grieving due to a lack of understanding. "Coping with Grief and Loss" addresses these challenges, discussing the stages of grief, symptoms from normal to extreme, and the impact on personal and social life. It emphasizes the importance of self-care, emotional, and physical health. Dr. Chinu Agrawal, trained in DBT and ACT and a promoter of Third Wave Psychotherapy, provides guidance on supporting those in grief. During the COVID-19 pandemic, grief cases rose, and Feeling Minds stepped up to support individuals through expert counselors.

Impact of Hem Virtues Values

Values are the very foundation of our human behaviour. It is integral part of our nature. From last couple of decades there has been a lot research going on the “values” and most of the modern psychotherapies especially the Third Wave psychotherapy have included Values as a foundation of psychotherapy, because it is the values that guide us what we think, what feel and what action we take. At every step of life whenever we have to choose, we are guided by inner compass, which tells us what is right or what is wrong. In today’s world, it is crucial to make a conscious effort to model these values to our coming generations. So, how do we acquire these values and what do we do with that? Can values be changed over lifetime? What are the things that motivate us to live a value-based life? Is it easy to do so ? What is the research saying about this? Dr.Chinu Agarwal trustee Of Hema Foundations has been vigorously taking efforts in the program Hem Virtues Values. Hem Virtues is a platform where efforts are being made to cultivate Value education in children from the early age. Our aim is to make them more compassionate, responsible and help them to be better human being of tomorrow. Hem Virtues have been working in various values though Online portals, Video short films, Webinars. Till date several values programs have been conducted by Hem Virtues Values to name a few of them are Curiosity, Hope, Confidence, Courage, Respect. etc. Scientific analysis of the data, that we collected Pre and Port Hem Virtues program from different age groups, have shown substantial variance in the student’s behaviour.


Heart Talks with Dr. Chinu Agrawal

Heart Talks with Dr. Chinu Agrawal is an Initiative taken by Feeling Minds® on the journey towards our mission of “Bringing Psychology for Everyone”. Dr. Chinu Agrawal, a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and a passionate learner by herself has taken this initiative to discuss several psychological aspects of our day-to-day life with renowned personalities who are already Expert in their respective field. This platform has given an opportunity to many people to talk to these renowned people, learn from their experiences, understand their insights and ask them questions. Dr. Chinu Agarwal has designed these programs so thoughtfully and yet keeping it simple so that anyone having the interest with or without the knowledge about the topic can get benefitted. These discussions are Shared through digital platforms like YouTube Channel and are open for all. Large number of people have been attending these live sessions and getting benefitted from the deliberations.


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