Transactional analysis cognitive drill therapy (Advanced )

In-Depth Exploration of Transactional Analysis Cognitive Drill Therapy

TA-CDT finds wide applications in education, organizational development, training, coaching, and counselling, including areas such as self-improvement, personality development, confidence building, communication, interpersonal relationships and so on. With this advance workshop, learn advanced concepts of TA and CDT combined with practical applications and activities. Gain hands-on experience, practice your skills under expert supervision, and derive real-life benefits which can enhance your skills as counsellors or mental health professional.

Key Takeaways :

  1. Exploration of key advanced concepts in TA
  2. Case studies and discussions on real-world applications Role-playing exercises for effective communication Hands-on application of advanced techniques
  3. Case Presentations
Transactional analysis cognitive drill therapy (Advanced )

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