Social Emotional Learning Certification

Empowering Students with Social Emotional Learning Skills

The program aims to equip counsellors and professionals with evidence-based tools and therapies, enhancing their abilities to assist clients or individuals in coping with everyday emotional challenges. Conducted in a fully experiential manner, the program includes numerous activities, discussions, role plays, and real-life applications. This highly skills development based workshop gives you confidence in emotional wellness education in various places like schools, and institutions, under expert guidance. In this program, you'll gain skills to design and lead transformative experiences for both individuals and groups. This program presents a unique opportunity for professionals aspiring to work in the field of emotional well-being across schools and higher education institutions and make positive difference in the lives of people.

Key Takeaway :

  1. Equip yourself with skills and techniques drawn from various psychotherapies to effectively cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Learning through experiential activities, role plays, case studies , ensuring a practical understanding of emotional wellness concepts.
  3. Enhance counselling practice with strategies that resonate with the emotional needs of your clients.
  4. Explore innovative experiential exercises for self and group work.
  5. Explore the application of advanced emotional wellness education in diverse settings, including schools and institutions.
  6. Master the art of conducting emotional wellness program in diverse setting with supervised practice sessions.
Social Emotional Learning Certification

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