Relationship Consultant Program

Become a Certified Relationship Consultant

Feeling Minds® presents the Relationship Consultant Program, a comprehensive program crafted on scientifically-backed psychological theories and therapies. The programme is well-structured and divided into six parts which are delivered over six months. This program is designed to equip counsellors, Mental health professional with the knowledge and skills necessary for excelling in areas such as Couple Counselling, Sexual Wellness and Education, Strengthening Relationship Bonds, and Enhancing Relationship Dynamics. This highly intense program includes wide range of interventions, assessments, group discussions , role plays, and practice sessions under expert supervision, allowing participants to hone the necessary skills.

Feeling Minds® Relationship Consultant Program incorporates a specialized Sexual Wellness Educator component. Participants in this program have the opportunity to refine their skills in supporting clients through the intricacies of sexual wellness, fostering a positive and inclusive approach to fulfilling intimate connections.

Our Family Therapy program included in Relationship Consultant Program, delves into the intricacies of Indian family dynamics, covering intergenerational relationships, societal expectations, and cultural nuances. By integrating these insights with Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, participants gain valuable tools and knowledge to excel as Mental Health Professionals working with Indian families.

Key Takeaways :

  1. Research-based, and scientific knowledge-oriented Programme, includes many assessments, inventories, and scales which can be conducted on need basis to understand relationship issues precisely.
  2. Learn to help couples deal with complicated relationships and childhood trauma.
  3. Learn to conduct counselling sessions for sexual issues being faced by couples.
  4. Experiential Learning through simple language, role plays, round robin practice, videos, brainstorming and group discussions in breakout rooms.
  5. Includes many intervention techniques, activities, and games for the couples to build love maps during the therapy and carry them home too.
  6. Participants can start applying knowledge and practicing therapy with their clients as soon as they learn it because of the grilling practice and round robin sessions during the classes.
  7. Develop effective communication skills to discuss intimate topics sensitively, helping mental health professionals guide clients toward open and healthy discussions about their sexual experiences.
  8. Integrate trauma-informed practices into discussions on sexual wellness, recognizing the potential impact of past experiences on an individual's current relationship with sex.
  9. Equip mental health professionals with tools to address common concerns and challenges related to sexual issues, offering practical interventions to support clients in achieving fulfilling sexual experiences.
  10. Acquire practical tools for resolving conflicts within family systems. Emphasize collaborative problem-solving approaches tailored to the cultural specifics of Indian families.
  11. Develop practical skills in applying Emotionally Focused Family Therapy techniques, including interventions for restructuring negative patterns, fostering emotional bonding, and promoting family cohesion.
Relationship Consultant Program

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