Motivational Interviewing (Basic)

Essential Techniques for Motivating Change

Counsellors are looking for methods to bring about motivation and achievement of sustainable change in chronic habits, addictions and behaviour patterns. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is the ideal therapy to acquire these skills. MI is an evidence-based counselling method that teaches you how to build motivation for change in your clients. Join this workshop to dive into Motivational Interviewing, a modern psychotherapy approach crafted to address the common human challenge of feeling unsure about making changes.

Key Takeaways :

  1. Delve deep into the principles and techniques of MI, ensuring a thorough understanding of this transformative approach.
  2. Learn to inspire and motivate your clients to embrace positive change in their lives.
  3. Gain tools and techniques to skilfully navigate and address resistance, fostering a more open and collaborative therapeutic relationship.
Motivational Interviewing (Basic)

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