Dialectical behaviour therapy (Basic)

Starting Your Journey with Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This intensive workshop takes you step by step through DBT model. You will learn core concepts, skills and interventions that can be immediately applied to your clients. This course is designed to give strong foundation in the DBT concepts .This workshop trains specifically Mental health professionals, counsellors, psychotherapist in the most essential tools and techniques of DBT for the treatment of emotional distresses in their clients.

Key Takeaways :

  1. Learn theoretical foundation of DBT.
  2. Learn the strategies to help client cope with rage of disrupting emotions and behaviors.
  3. Learn to generate hope incidents.
  4. Leant to help clients to maintain commitment.
  5. Learn Acceptance Principles, Strategies, Tools and Techniques
  6. Learn to formulate a case in DBT
  7. Help clients to tolerate distress.
  8. Radical Acceptance Practice
  9. Learn Interpersonal Effectiveness
Dialectical behaviour therapy (Basic)

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