Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Basic)

Foundational Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is an umbrella term used for many psychotherapies including RECBT, which is in fact the first CBT. All kinds of CBTs can be fully utilised in living a fulfilling and happier life. In this program we aim to give an overview of the essential philosophy of CBT, it’s applications in day to day life, how CBT as an approach can enhance our coping skills to prevent emotional upsets. This program is for anyone who is himself/herself prone to getting emotionally upset easily, a teacher or a parent who wants to inculcate these skills in children and adolescents and of course for professionals who want to have a better grip on this concept.

Key Takeaway :

  1. Explore the core principles and beliefs that form the foundation of this therapeutic approach.
  2. Learn how to apply CBT principles to your daily life.
  3. Understand how this approach can enhance your coping skills, promote resilience, and prevent emotional upsets in various situations. A therapy very effective in dealing with relationship issues.
  4. Engage in an interactive learning experience where concepts, tools, and techniques of CBT are not just explained but experienced.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Basic)

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