Career Guidance and Counselling Expert Program

Become a Skilled Career Guide and Counseling Professional

Embark on an Exclusive Career Guidance Program where you'll master a scientific and evidence-based approach to conducting career guidance and counselling sessions. This course is grounded in psychological interventions and real-life applications, offering a perfect blend of concepts, applications, and skills. Elevate your abilities and empower others to make informed, fulfilling career choices.

This experiential program includes activities and practice counselling sessions under expert guidance, ensuring a hands-on learning experience. It's a highly ROI-based program that equips you with all the necessary skills and techniques to kickstart your journey as a career counsellor.

Key Takeaway :

  1. Conducting a full day Career Guidance Workshop for students from 9th to 12th std with the help of Experiential games and activities.
  2. Conducting group sessions on “Goal Orientation” and helping students attain a vision for their professional life.
  3. Differentiate between Career Guidance & Counselling.
  4. Using the Feeling Minds® Career Counselling Assessment Protocol.
  5. Thorough training on customised individual counselling for the students and their parents where the counsellors will get a deep insight into the personality preferences.
  6. Career interests, skills, abilities and connecting it to the career choice.
Career Guidance and Counselling Expert Program

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