Basic Counselling Skills

Essential Skills for Beginning Counselors

Discover the art of conducting effective counselling sessions with this workshop. This high on demand workshop was found to be useful not only by early career psychologists but also by very senior professionals in the field because of the detailed nuances of counselling discussed in sessions. This workshop is conducted in the unique experiential style of Feeling Minds® and is high on practicality and utility. Full of round robin role plays, and case studies discussed along with numerous tips. It is an extremely useful workshop and should not be missed by anyone practicing in the field of psychology whether in India or aboard.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn techniques to systematically gather and organize information.
  2. Develop the skill of formulating cases.
  3. Uncover methods to draw out and understand your client's narrative.
  4. Learn effective listening skills with five crucial techniques that will empower you to truly hear and understand your clients.
  5. Explore theoretical models & Ivey & Lazarus in Counselling.
  6. With the increasing demand for virtual services, gain the knowledge and skills needed for effective online counselling.
  7. Learn the art of empathetic communication, and to create a supportive and understanding environment for your clients.
Basic Counselling Skills

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