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Feeling Minds is a leading organization dedicated to providing excellence in psychology-based training. Rated as the best by an independent auditing agency in America, Feeling Minds is proudly incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. Our commitment lies in delivering the latest inputs and interventions based on advancements in action research across various fields of psychology. Our goal is to enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of organizations and individuals of all ages by helping them realize and maximize their potential. Additionally, we focus on teaching lifestyle modifications to prevent major lifestyle disorders, thereby improving the overall quality of life. We offer exclusive training programs designed to support psychologists, teachers, trainers, parents, professionals, leaders, and students in applying psychological theories to their everyday lives. Our programs aim to create experts in various domains, empowering them to work as successful entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to extend our reach across the nation, ensuring that the benefits of psychological research are accessible to as many people as possible. We aim to help individuals live their lives to the fullest, achieving happiness and satisfaction for themselves and those around them.


Our mission is to deliver essential knowledge and skills to diverse populations through individual counseling, coaching, psychometric testing, and learning and development initiatives. We base our approach on applicable and actionable research findings from various branches of psychology.

Who We Are?

Feeling Minds, incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India, provides top-rated psychology-based training. Recognized by an independent American auditing agency, we enhance individual and organizational effectiveness through advanced psychological research and interventions. Our programs empower psychologists, teachers, parents, professionals, leaders, and students to apply psychological theories in daily life, fostering expertise and entrepreneurship while improving overall quality of life and preventing major lifestyle disorders.

Join Feeling Minds today, the top-rated psychology training organization. Enhance your skills and improve your quality of life with our expert-led programs. Empower yourself and others by applying advanced psychological theories in everyday life. Enroll now!

From Passion to Purpose: The Journey of Dr. Chinu Agrawal and the Birth of Feeling Minds

Dr. Chinu Agrawal, a Homeopathy doctor and PhD holder in Psychology always had passion for this field. She always had a dream to help people to live better lives. Dr. Chinu Agrawal was already working for a prestigious institution. But somewhere she also knew she had a bigger role to do in this life. It is her brother Mr. Ashish Agrawal (CA, in Amaravati, Maharashtra) who was always aware about the potential Dr. Chinu have, made her gear up herself to live her Dream, her passion to help people. To help Couples stay in love and create happy memories together, to help young generations to choose a successful career and taste the pinnacle of success. To save the future generations from self-harm and suicides, to help parents enjoy their children’s childhood till it lasts. It was indeed a Courageous decision to leave behind a high-profile job and start something which she always wanted to do. Challenges will be there but when you know you are on your mission you don’t care much about them. And thus, Feeling Minds was Born. In a very short span, Feeling Minds already had got the wings to Fly. Feeling Minds has already touched the lives of more than 40000 people. Feeling Minds has trained more than 400 psychologists, counselors, trainers and professionals in various modules of Application based psychology. Feeling Minds has made pioneering contributions in the fields of Education and Training in Psychology.
  1. Designed a unique Emotional Education Curriculum for children and adolescents, E- Cube Training (Experiential Emotional Education) for teaching emotional management skills to children.
  2. E-Cube has been conducted in Premier schools of India like Bhavan’s Raipur, VDJS Hisar, Scindia Girls School, Gwalior, Birla Public School, Mumbai, Delhi Public School, Dhamtari and 26 such schools.
  3. Developed “Story House” Program for children with low confidence and learning difficulties.
  4. ConductedManagement Development ProgramsandFaculty Development Programsin various corporate as well as government organizations and schools.
  5. Successfully designed and implemented the student development program for over 35,000 students in the last ten years.
  6. Renowned Career Expert, helped thousands of students choose their best career fit scientifically and systematically with the help of scientific, reliable & validated, psychometric tests.
  7. Trained more than 2000+ counselors & Psychologists from India & Abroad in various psychological approaches.
  8. Touched more than 40000+ People’s Lives through counselling Programs. 
  9. Numerous workshops and Webinars have been conducted by Dr. Chinu Agrawal till date which have been helping people from all the psychological and non-psychological backgrounds.
  10. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat at his residence at Dehradun. He has in principle given his consent for a State partnership for bringing Psychology to everyone on dated 9thNov. 2021.
  11. Feeling Minds® amongst the 30 invited organizations at the “Chintan Shivir” organized by the Govt. of India (Ministry of Human Resource Development) in the year 2016, where her initiatives and efforts of bringing “Emotional Education” to schools were acknowledged and appreciated by the NCERT, dept. of School Education & CBSE.

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