Dr. Chinu Agrawal, a distinguished psychologist and psychotherapist, is the visionary behind Feeling Minds®. Her expertise spans career counseling, child and adolescent therapy, and she is recognized internationally for her contributions to mental health and well-being.
  • Psychologist & Psychotherapist
  • Internationally accredited Career Expert (CPP, Palo Alto, USA)
  • Child & Adolescent Therapist (AEI, NY, USA)
  • Founder Director: Feeling Minds®
  • Transforming Lives with Feeling Minds

    Being the Director of Feeling Minds® a premier organization dedicated to “Bring Psychology to Everyone” is both an opportunity and a challenge in many ways. With the emotions and mental health issues becoming pandemic not only in country but also all over the world and happiness index on a steady decline, Feeling Minds® emerge on the horizon to counsel, to train to educate. If you are choosing Feeling Minds® for individual counseling, whether it be as a parent facing challenges like dealing with gadget addiction or aggressive behavior or poor academic performance of your children or for the feeling of guilt, sadness or anxiety on being an inadequate parent. Or for choosing a career which is likely to make your successful, happy and effective by helping you resolve your dilemma or for getting help for your relationship issues like dissatisfaction, conflicts, anger issues, adjustment, issues, commitment phobia, break-up, divorce, infidelity etc. You are choosing to speak with a team of dedicated, well qualified, well trained professionals who with their warm and non-judgmental attitude give you a safe place to resolve your issues and com out empowered and fulfilled. If you are choosing Feeling Minds® for training, rest assured, you are entering into a world of hard core science and evidence research based learning. The USP of Feeling Minds® is Experiential methods of learning where we facilitate, interaction and discussion to help you discover and unravel the knowledge acquire the skills through expression based practice. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome abroad for living a personality rational, happy and fulfilling life.
    1. Ph.D in Psychology, GKV, U.K.
    2. Trained and certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Marsha Linehan, founder of DBT. 
    3. Trained and certified by Russ Harris, pioneer in Acceptance Commitment Therapy.
    4. Internationally certified MBTI® professional, CPP, Palo Alto, USA
    5. International certification & accreditation in the “SII®” from USA.
    6. Certified “Leadership Coach” recognized by International Coaching Federation.
    7. Trained and certified “Relationship Coach” from CPP, Australia.
    8. Trained in CBT by Beck Institute, Pennsylvani
    9. One of the first qualified and certified Experts in Power Intelligence™ in India personally trained by Julie Diamond.
    10. Accredited & Licentiate Practitioner of FIRO-B®, USA.
    11. Advanced REBT practitioner for Children & Adolescents trained & certified from Albert Ellis Institute, New York (USA).
    12. Advanced REBT practitioner for adult strained & certified from Albert Ellis Institute, New York (USA).
    13. Trained in Mindfulness Based Approaches by Dr. Mahendra Sharma, NIMHANS, Bangalore.
    14. Certified Hypnotherapist from Christ University Bangalore.

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