No words can compare the feeling of becoming parent. It is one of the most rewarding experience that one experiences in entire life. The addition of a new life in your family marks the entry of various responsibilities along with the problems and concerns related to its upbringing. When your baby is so important in your life, why to compromise with the standard of living you are going to provide him? When your baby holds so much importance in your life, why being careless in inculcating values in him? This is the time when the role of effective parenting comes into role.

According to a recent research conducted by a group of researchers on about 10,585 teenagers collected from 1,000 secondary schools of US, it was concluded that good parenting is more important than providing your child with good schooling. This statement is enough in itself to make you realize how important your care, affection, moral values… your parenting, in short, may play a role in the life of your children.

No kid is born inherent with the skills of nurturing and protecting himself. All these things are meant to be taken care by their parents. Right from the food parents provide to their kids to the moral values they are introduced with and till the age they become dependent, it is the parenting which plays a major role in deciding the personality of their child.

In our specially designed Parenting workshops we deal with topics like

  • Positive Discipline
  • Raising a healthy happy Child
  • Rational Parenting
  • Knowing your Parenting Style etc.